The year is 2066. The humanity progressed a lot. Like really a lot. Flying cars, hoverboards, you name it. The action takes in the unknown Polish city. The streets
are filled with new technology that is both amazing and dangerous.
Your name is RU57Y and you were believed to be a piece of garbage, thrown into the sewers. But in reality you are an advanced AI robot who has one mission, help humans.
Sadly your human target is a simple man named Andrzej. You need to help him cross the streets and cover the uncovered manholes. And you need to do it quick, as the murderous drone is slowly
following the human you are trying to protect.

Beat the sewer maze and help your human! You are the last hope of making sure Andrzej lives to see another day!

How to Play:

You are a platform, you need to help the human character cross all the 5 holes and escape the sewer maze. To see where the human is, you can press letter c and change the camera. If you are stuck, you can selfdestruct and start from last checkpoint by pressing R.

You need to do it before the evil drone catches him and kills him! Good luck

The controls: 

AWSD/arrow keys


C - change camera to human

R - self destruct to last checkpoint

AuthorsFrost, ikuti
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Cyberpunk, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes

Development log


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I didn't manage to save Andrzej because I was slow and kept getting into the lasers :))

This was a challenging game and I like the mechanic where you are the platform! Nice art as well!

The music is cool too and I enjoyed listening to it even though I was getting frustrated with trying to battle the lasers deadly grip hahaha.